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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just a heads up!

When reading this blog, please watch out for the following:
  • Falling Debris
  • Flaming humans who may or may not be Pants-less
  • Uncontrollable, gravity defying nuggets of WISDOM
  • Pure, Liquid legitimacy
  • The sudden urge to become a suicidal eco-terrorist
  • Underlying tones of Conspiracy and Rebellion
  • Distasteful, Crude remarks concerning all forms of Humans and/or Dolphins
  • and In-grown Toe Nails
I am currently working on fixing this [No I'm Not] and these problems should be fixed..



Sometimes, you just need to move on. Right now, it wasn't the case, so I came back :)

I apologize for not really being super awesome at posting CRAP. So here is what I've been up to:

Sying Seedney
Working More
Chillaxin' with the Sydnator
Occasional Sleep
Musica Gathering
Havin' a darn-tootin' good ol' time :)

SO, my mind is a blur with the good life, and I really can't complain about very much (which is probably what entertains about 4 of my 5 followers)

I'd like to thank Sydney and my family for all the support...


No awards tonight.

I truly can't wait to drop some sick beats and mad lyrics to y'all, and to obscenely disrespect sociological norms and such.

Until then, and forever yours,
The Noobler

Savor the Slave and kick the paid Laborer.