Shtuff :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day Thrfour.

might have skipped day 3. or not, since I'm mashing it here into lovely #4, so,

Enjoy :)

Day 3: Work, home, sleep, end.

Day 4: Not quite as pleasant.

I got ditched by both parties of the partying-party...(make sense?)

then I got yelled at by the hipocritical Parental Slave Laborers, and this particular Blogger was less than pleased.

Then I took my medication, which was a healthy dose of Sydney via Skype :) then I felt better.
We did end up launching them there fiyur werks, which was decent, but now, I feel realize Fireworks ain't nuthin without the lady to watch 'em with :)

My belly rumbles with the need for hands and my... uh... Sydney Stone? ;)

(Llamas with hats reference, whaaat?)

I could use the real thing, no offense Tigger :)
just a thursday away :)

Meanwhile, I'm sure I'll eat, poop, sleep, work, hate, and... well... other stuff.


The Newbilly