Shtuff :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I don't really want to do this. But I will. Not cuz I have so many people who'll read this. In fact, I doubt the 5 people that "follow me" will really even bother. Not that I care.


I just feel grateful and happy that I have Sydney. And I'm sad she's leaving for a week, but I'm happy she'll be out, enjoying life the way that it should be lived :) I'm happy that she's so epically awesome, and I am glad I have the opportunity to even consider her mine!

On another note, I am a little ticked about what's going on with Lehi's Drumline, and the staffing decisions that have been made recently. But honestly that is a little bump in my life right now.

If you read this Syd, then I hope you know I miss you already and I hope you're having fun, cuz if not, I'm gonna steal you back to the good ol' USA.

Signing off and forever Her's